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Anonymous 09/22/2022 (Thu) 18:02:09 No. 22
/waifu/ thread rules: >claim and post your waifu >do not lewd waifu >do not steal other waifu >roleplay is for private chat only
(762.67 KB 480x270 drawing.gif)
Oh, cool, an official thread with rules and everything.
(181.79 KB 851x1322 1631703954766.jpg)
Love your waifu.
>>24 she a qt
There was this girl a few years ago. Randomly met her on the internet and started chatting with her. She was very nice to me. We talked lots over several weeks and it was a lot of fun. We talked about TV shows, anime, manga, vidya and lots more. She was into so many thing that I liked too. We got quite close to each other but never in a romantic way. Neither of us wanted that. Then, one day while chatting, after a couple of drinks, she wanted me to do something very strange. She asked me to wear a skirt for her. At first I thought it was a joke and laughed about it but she made it very clear that she wasn't jesting. She kept pushing me to wear one for quite some time and because of that and the alcohol in my blood I decided to do it. I put on a skirt, sent her a picture we chatted about it. It was a lengthy conversation but she seemed very happy about me doing her that favor. It was a very weird evening and we talked about it from time to time again but in the end, it was fun. Several more weeks went on and we talked less and less. She didn't have the time for our lengthy chats anymore. It was sad but nothing that'd get me down. Until one day, she wrote her last reply. She didn't say good bye or anything, it was a casual chat but she never responded or came online since that day. I miss her sometimes, wondering if she's doing alright and still remembers me. Hopefully she comes back to me one day.
(976.23 KB 1296x1812 Anzu14.jpg)
>>23 We like to keep things neat around here. >>24 Seija a cute.
>>27 ur rules are gay and you should be ashamed for making the,
>>27 Anzu is so amazingly hot
>>27 There's a whole rules page I'm not using. Might be good to formalize some right now
>>30 No
(185.65 KB 981x1290 hacostanzase.jpg)
>>31 Rule #1: Don't be a little bitch
>>32 make me
(1.37 MB 1280x1440 vPvkxxm.png)
(3.19 MB 3240x3840 TakeABreakZu-min.png)
good morning I love Anzu, also Mordred eats dirty assholes
(61.74 KB 723x691 1658951091510755.jpg)
(382.83 KB 570x989 WaitingForAnzu.jpg)
Maybe we can cry about it together.
>>37 I'd cry with you. Sounds cute. We could even drink a sad whiskey together
(1.47 MB 1228x1228 50143291_p0.png)
>>38 It's going to be an ugly cry
(2.73 MB 400x400 konosuba-aqua.gif)
>>39 At least we'll be ugly together
(431.45 KB 600x1238 roxyrocz.png)
I'd like to claim Earth chan, the only flower in the garden of my heart. >>26 maybe you can talk about all the weird stuff that happened since then, some day.