ur waifu a shit

We're back baby

2022-04-22 18:26:33 Waifu thread
It's Earth day. Here's a waifu thread, have fun.
J̶u̶l̶e̶s̶ Rules:
>claim your waifu
>remember to love your waifu
>#MAGIC allowed
>if you're posting images you're not lurking
>type /help for a full list of available commands

my waifu is Earth, the planet
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2022-08-07 12:03:34
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2022-05-19 23:20:40 I am seeing things
Hello Operator, I seem to have encountered some life form while trying to report pedo bear.
That is all.
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2022-05-21 05:48:53 At least I'm not completely lazy
Made a fork on [github](https://github.com/s4x0r/waifuchan) and started poking around the code. I fixed a post labeling quirk and added a barebones tomorrow theme. The documentation also mentions being able to use something called markdown whatever the hell that is
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2022-04-22 19:22:36
I want to inseminate Max Caulfield's 18 year old young and virgin womb.
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2022-04-16 05:31:56
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