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>>/chat/444 >>443 and it's here~ merry christmas waifuchan, merry christmas Earth chan
>>/chat/443 a holiday for love is approaching fast only thing left to do is remember those sweet feelings and memories, and decide never t
>>/chat/442 >>441 That's amazing. I guess flash will never truly die
>>/chat/441 >>440 I expected modding a flash game to be harder and less fun
>>/chat/440 >>439 Done, I also added a page to host flash games through ruffle
>>/chat/439 >>438 so much going on on that september day happy birthday OOP add magic button link to home page k thx
>>/chat/438 happy birthday Relm
>>/chat/437 >>435 okay, give download so I can mod it and shoehorn my waifu into it
>>/chat/436 I miss Earth chan. I miss Relm chan. Tomorrow is Kirari's birthday. The day after is Anzu's birthday. Happy birthday my belov
>>/chat/435 >>433 I have an old flash game somewhere that's exactly that where you headpat a waifu. I remember downloading it from /f/ back
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