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ur waifu a shit
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4chanx works on this site. Just add it to your match list

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i make negative amounts of money


what the fuck


Makes sense to me


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I've been following the political stuff lately, its been fun, but i wish Alice wasn't supporting the BLM and Antifa groups, as well as anti israel groups


Imagine supporting al*ce in the first place


Politics is for losers.

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cute and wholesome chan


This is nice board


very much so


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oh yes


Cute and also wholesome~

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Post ending in 5 decides if my waifu is shit or not


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snailfu is a nice waifu


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Cirno a baka


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Color Theory appreciation thread


cymk is a hoax perpetuated by the printing industry to get you to buy more ink


Why does this make so much sense
RGB Gang


Because printer manufacturers program their printers to put a little cyan in with the black to make black look more "vibrant" on the page. It's just a bulshit way to make you run out of ink faster


That's a problem with the way printers utilize colors, not the model itself. Subtractive color is the best model for printing on paper.


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Gosh darn based 100th post

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A good man pushed past reason


I lold

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Waifuchan, more like dead chan

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Mods are asleep


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oh gosh

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Ten things that aren't me, name.


Orange juice


life… finds a way

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Should I make Mac&Cheese or go to bed?


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It is never not time to mac n cheese


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You, ser, are a philosopher and an artist of words.


n-no you cas! :D
*hugs cas*

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