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ur waifu a shit
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4chanx works on this site. Just add it to your match list

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Welcome to waifuchan, if you're here, that probably means that regular waifu on 4chan is getting spammed. Don't be a stranger, come in and say hi

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Request boards/features here
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Moar posters! :D

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Anybody alive in here?


Nope, deader than 2020's thanksgiving turkey


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well hello kind stranger


Alive reporting in, I lurk this website too much

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Eternal /b/read

>have fun

How are you doing today?

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The absolute state of waifu


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The absolute state of waifuchan


At least there's someone other than me posting here


the absolute state of waifu should be well fed, happy, and healthy


> Dark mode

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i make negative amounts of money


what the fuck


Makes sense to me


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I've been following the political stuff lately, its been fun, but i wish Alice wasn't supporting the BLM and Antifa groups, as well as anti israel groups


Imagine supporting al*ce in the first place


Politics is for losers.

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cute and wholesome chan


This is nice board


very much so


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oh yes


Cute and also wholesome~

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