Waifuchan Flash Archive

Name Description
ageofwar Tower defence
cursor10 Work together with yourself to solve the maze
desktop-tower-defense Tower Defense
dice Dice Wars
dontshityourpants It's harder than it sounds
double-wires I'm spiderman
dwarf_complete Puzzle Collectathon
flyGuy Fly around
Hex_Empire Civ Lite
Ice Punch Break the ice
KnowYourUltimateDestiny May contain explicit language
Level Up Amnesiac RPG
Marippy Mappy x Touhou
owata Wierd game
Parameters Click all the boxes
PhageWars Infect, multiply, dominate
PressSpaceRPG GOTY Edition
rosecamellia Desparate housewife simulator
schoolwarsgame From the makers of dice wars
Steamshovel Harry Fun physics platformer
stormthehouse2 Tower defense
Waifu Clicker imouto headpat simulator
Name Description
anon_partyhard6 Party Hard
friday_at_last Party Hard
fry_dance_38x Do the hustle
lolicatgirls I am playing the game
Machu Picchu Matsu pitsu
Maid Loading Loading...
Maid Loading V2 L O A D I N G
this cant wait a month bebebebebebebebebe
Name Description
september Do you remember?
just howlin AWOOOO
Do I look like I know what a jpeg is I just want a pic of a gotdang hotdog
I said never give up Motivation
Super Spice Bros 2 WHAT!?
Time Phenomenon This must be a White Hole
Weekend Inside Joke I can't wait for the weekend to begin