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do you believe in magic?
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(871.87 KB 847x1280 1660846321141792.jpg)
Anonymous 09/22/2022 (Thu) 18:02:09 No. 22
/waifu/ thread rules: >claim and post your waifu >do not lewd waifu >do not steal other waifu >roleplay is for private chat only
(770.18 KB 1392x1988 TrashZu.jpg)
>>234 I thought you might like it. Cute nethack post, maybe don't walk around blindfolded and you can bump into your waifu instead.
>>235 if I walked around blindfolded, I would be extremely likely to run into my waifu Anzu's way of spelling your name is weird, "Kirari"
(470.39 KB 1589x2438 ankira_44.png)
>>236 True and then you could play it off like an accident. "Oh sorry, I was blindfolded! But since I ran into you, what are you doing next tuesday? How about a date." It's simply genius. The mind does funny things when you're in love.
It's all so tiring senpai...
>>247 it's okay, you don't always have to be strong
>>248 I'll be your friend, anon
(1.39 MB 1361x2048 92059613_p0.jpg)
claiming this thread for Anzu
(29.53 KB 430x458 666diex.png)
>put Earth chan in waifu thread OP >admin deletes the entire website >someone puts Anzu in waifu thread OP instead true story *ragecomic*
>>253 I hate most of this post
The site was down for the last 12 hours or so because my host decided to change the server's ip address. If you're reading this, it's fixed now.
>>255 I am reading this, thanks sis
(172.13 KB 1448x2048 FsjYOpMacAMnb42.jpeg)
(269.98 KB 1406x1891 2244b5ab772b1cf393838523707b0306.jpg)
(487.76 KB 1158x1916 1cd08569bd5fd1535717d39cf2bb3752.jpg)
>>253 >point out inconvenient truths >site mysteriously goes down Hmmmm.... Anyway here's Anzu.
I hope you all had a good time at church today.
>>262 I'm surprised they even let you in
>>263 What makes you think they did?
this website is church I pray
>>270 my wife
(221.25 KB 1024x1920 kurakusenpai.jpg)
Earth day! You're the star of my show Erdbeerchen, keep it up! You have my heart any day. I'll try my best for you, too.
>>277 Happy erfday. Here's a pic from my garden. I'm so proud of my little guys
>>279 wow, they're handsome
(2.97 MB 2576x1932 20230428_132138.jpg)
These are wild raspberries growing in my back yard. In a few days this patch ought to be ripe enough to pick.
(4.88 MB 4160x3120 20230428_131752.jpg)
Also, I saw a snake
>>287 I saw a slug rn
>>290 Did you name it?
>>292 that's not my right I told it that it can't just crawl around in such a well trafficed spot, and wished it good luck not to get stomped, and told it to have fun
>>293 My apologies, You're right. Next time you see it, you should ask for its name. If it isn't busy, of course.
Wow, where did the raid come from?
>>337 leftypol
>>345 Literally who
I dreamt of my wife last night. I told her I loved her.
(370.84 KB 3072x4080 drawoo1.jpg)
Dreaming of Anzu
>>91 I've had this .gif open in another tab for the past 7 hours or something. Looking at it gives me energy.
>>423 It had the opposite effect on me.
>>423 Looking at this post gave me the energy to fix the captcha >>426 Looking at this post did the opposite Looks like everything works
(691.56 KB 240x482 C1v1.gif)
I made some modifications to the captcha. Send me a report if you still need help.
>>431 everything works except Anzu I love the more magic switch. Though I was almost too stupid to understand how to post. (to all newbs, you need to click the "more magic" button that is linked at the top of the page a lot of times) You could almost make a cookie clicker clone with this, but instead of cooking clickers, you just click waifus
>>433 I have an old flash game somewhere that's exactly that where you headpat a waifu. I remember downloading it from /f/ back in the day
I miss Earth chan. I miss Relm chan. Tomorrow is Kirari's birthday. The day after is Anzu's birthday. Happy birthday my beloveds.
>>435 okay, give download so I can mod it and shoehorn my waifu into it
(1.85 MB 4080x3072 happy birthday relm.jpg)
happy birthday Relm
>>438 so much going on on that september day happy birthday OOP add magic button link to home page k thx
>>439 Done, I also added a page to host flash games through ruffle
(48.75 KB 639x476 I moe tato.png)
>>440 I expected modding a flash game to be harder and less fun
>>441 That's amazing. I guess flash will never truly die
(61.67 KB 300x250 skeebef.png)
a holiday for love is approaching fast only thing left to do is remember those sweet feelings and memories, and decide never thought I'd know so sure that someone's special
(133.96 KB 500x510 warme nacht.png)
>>443 and it's here~ merry christmas waifuchan, merry christmas Earth chan