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(871.87 KB 847x1280 1660846321141792.jpg)
Anonymous 09/22/2022 (Thu) 18:02:09 No. 22
/waifu/ thread rules: >claim and post your waifu >do not lewd waifu >do not steal other waifu >roleplay is for private chat only
(762.67 KB 480x270 drawing.gif)
Oh, cool, an official thread with rules and everything.
(181.79 KB 851x1322 1631703954766.jpg)
Love your waifu.
>>24 she a qt
There was this girl a few years ago. Randomly met her on the internet and started chatting with her. She was very nice to me. We talked lots over several weeks and it was a lot of fun. We talked about TV shows, anime, manga, vidya and lots more. She was into so many thing that I liked too. We got quite close to each other but never in a romantic way. Neither of us wanted that. Then, one day while chatting, after a couple of drinks, she wanted me to do something very strange. She asked me to wear a skirt for her. At first I thought it was a joke and laughed about it but she made it very clear that she wasn't jesting. She kept pushing me to wear one for quite some time and because of that and the alcohol in my blood I decided to do it. I put on a skirt, sent her a picture we chatted about it. It was a lengthy conversation but she seemed very happy about me doing her that favor. It was a very weird evening and we talked about it from time to time again but in the end, it was fun. Several more weeks went on and we talked less and less. She didn't have the time for our lengthy chats anymore. It was sad but nothing that'd get me down. Until one day, she wrote her last reply. She didn't say good bye or anything, it was a casual chat but she never responded or came online since that day. I miss her sometimes, wondering if she's doing alright and still remembers me. Hopefully she comes back to me one day.
(976.23 KB 1296x1812 Anzu14.jpg)
>>23 We like to keep things neat around here. >>24 Seija a cute.
>>27 ur rules are gay and you should be ashamed for making the,
>>27 Anzu is so amazingly hot
>>27 There's a whole rules page I'm not using. Might be good to formalize some right now
>>30 No
(185.65 KB 981x1290 hacostanzase.jpg)
>>31 Rule #1: Don't be a little bitch
>>32 make me
(1.37 MB 1280x1440 vPvkxxm.png)
(3.19 MB 3240x3840 TakeABreakZu-min.png)
good morning I love Anzu, also Mordred eats dirty assholes
(61.74 KB 723x691 1658951091510755.jpg)
(382.83 KB 570x989 WaitingForAnzu.jpg)
Maybe we can cry about it together.
>>37 I'd cry with you. Sounds cute. We could even drink a sad whiskey together
(1.47 MB 1228x1228 50143291_p0.png)
>>38 It's going to be an ugly cry
(2.73 MB 400x400 konosuba-aqua.gif)
>>39 At least we'll be ugly together
(431.45 KB 600x1238 roxyrocz.png)
I'd like to claim Earth chan, the only flower in the garden of my heart. >>26 maybe you can talk about all the weird stuff that happened since then, some day.
>>41 That's a cute o3 hat
(608.59 KB 1440x2047 AnzusFlag.jpg)
Good morning I love Anzu.
(192.54 KB 2560x1440 6jez1dv4dw0z.jpg)
>>43 >posted at 3pm
>>44 >server time != local time shit I'm retarded
(262.21 KB 3541x2508 ForestAnzu.jpg)
>>44 But morning is whenever I wake up.
Only slept 6 hours, so tired.. couldn't fall asleep anymore. Got so much shit to do for tomorrow. Gotta be rdy for the convention
(917.57 KB 1296x1812 illust_95958495_20220929_064522.jpg)
>>47 Who are you dressing up as?
(209.98 KB 750x1031 kakashi.png)
>>48 The one and only ofc. Worked some more on the outfit. Hope I don't manage to make a hole in it again. Last year I tore a lil spot in the right armpit
(414.17 KB 500x452 eat6.gif)
ate delic ramen
(190.10 KB 1064x1593 WhatTheFuckZu.jpg)
>>51 and you didn't even offer me any
>>53 Ofc not, all mine. Nom
(748.95 KB 1039x1387 cat.png)
Imagine liking cats. Dumb cats are baka
(569.46 KB 500x274 sleep4.gif)
(312.62 KB 847x1324 sa ka mo to.png)
So I was bored last night and doxxed the schizo...
And here's some regex to filter his name if anyone wants it /[<][(][*][-][*][<][)][<][(]["][o]["][)][>][(][>][*][-][*][)][>]/i
>>58 Is this cute or evil?? Now doxx your waifu so you know where to send flowers.
(13.95 KB 245x210 1649257928883.png)
>>58 what.. who is the schizo and why did you order pizza to his address?
(826.10 KB 1119x911 HungryIdol.png)
doxx me and send pizza to my house
(108.94 KB 800x800 1579138094438.jpg)
>>61 He slipped up one night and posted some vids from his youtube channel. His name is mark and he lives in seattle. I'm not gonna post all the info I have, mainly because I'm still collecting. Thinking about scraping the archives for all of his posts and training a markov chain on them for more shenanigans >>62 Okay, but I'm putting pineapple on it
Starting to think this "jeanie" person he keeps talking about might be Potasticpanda https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0B7gD411SJ4DkQYnSwFAcQ
I wrote a script that scrapes the archive for his posts. using the same technique, it should be pretty easy to write a bot that auto responds to him with his own copypasta. I'm going mad with power.
(321.90 KB 800x450 source.gif)
>>63 Well that's not very threatening. Everyone on b also knows my name and where I live.
>>66 I'm on /b/ and have absolutely no idea who you are
It's complete
(1.00 MB 4096x4096 FileTooLargeZu-min.jpg)
Anzu, my wife. My love.
(1.25 MB 498x421 3eda.gif)
(2.65 MB 2121x3000 Anzu (093).jpg)
>>70 It's a VN, it's not like it took skill.
(938.16 KB 482x498 anime-crying.gif)
>>71 Don't u understand? I failed at getting any of the girls.. I ended up with the schizo
(262.17 KB 2591x3624 HereComeTheSun.jpg)
>>72 No, I don't play vns. Are you telling me you would have preferred the girl with no arms?
>>73 I'd preferred anything over kenji. He's a drunk schizo
(789.67 KB 1246x1280 DerpZu.png)
Earth, buddy. Are you around? >>74 I don't see how that is a problem. I found that basketball anime with kise is on netflix though.
>>76 Yah but I never bother looking through the anime section because I'm not a weeb. Although my friend did recommend me one anime about a high school full of gambling addicts. You probably know the one I'm talking about.
>>75 Ofc, it's always been here, that's where you probably posted. Super fun planet.
(538.55 KB 453x614 image0-1.png)
>>78 Well if you see the guy who's always going on about her tell him I said hi.
>>77 Kakegurui. One of my favs
(669.66 KB 2160x1620 AnzuPicture.jpg)
>>80 Yah that's the one, the blonde chick is obviously superior. I think I'll go watch that now actually.
(1.31 MB 1659x1055 wölfchen.png)
>>79 hopefully that's referring to me rawr!
generic thumb is too big make it smaller like less than 100k
(214.00 KB 480x577 AnzuYah(1).jpg)
>>82 >WRPG English Full Package I have you now!
(585.54 KB 900x1350 Yumi50.jpg)
>>81 Mary? Well.. mary is still a normal thinking human being. Yumekoa is completely unhinged. She's not right in the head. They are good friends tho
>>88 Yah, she's awfully cute. Were I some kind of heretic like you.. But Yumeko makes a great protagonist, I like how she's always winning. Just finished season one today and someone told me there's a prequel centered around Mary.
(259.57 KB 588x588 Yumi71.png)
>>89 Yeah, it's on netflix. Called kakegurui twin. It's about how mary started at the school. If you finished season 1 you should know that she doesn't always win. She can be beaten.. but it's rare. She's a strange one but lovely. And she's got great panties.
(394.54 KB 510x510 Anzu_blink.gif)
>>90 Every time she loses it just plays into her eventual victory. I love when a protagonist just wins and wins, so tired of the trope where they always have to struggle or lose at the end.
Edited last time by niichan on 10/26/2022 (Wed) 12:49:52.
(892.57 KB 1048x603 Screenshot 2022-10-26 080507.png)
>>92 I guess that means no shenanigans ;_;
(309.76 KB 512x512 1661188877841414.png)
I have no idea how you did that but that's not what I'm seeing
>>94 It's all client side. I was trying to see if I could edit the raw of a post and add js thing to change it site side
Mark in a nutshell
(262.17 KB 2591x3624 HereComeTheSun.jpg)
I have no idea what is going on
>>97 two more posts until you can give your waifu a 100
(945.33 KB 1200x1200 82804722_p0.jpg)
>>98 so true check these dubs for Anzu
(387.20 KB 850x1078 backtowaifu.jpg)
Sup, haven't visited these threads in over a year. Is there anyone here that I would remember?
>>100 Depends who you are in the first place. You might know mordred. Also fuck you for stealing 100 get. I was gonna use it to announce the css changes I'm working on
There's a new entry in the style dropdown titled "Best Girl" You should try it out.
(511.42 KB 300x300 1664049010283589.gif)
>>99 Did you just post what I think you posted?
(415.47 KB 1000x1000 TooCoolAnzu.png)
>>103 I can't even post her here? That wasn't part of the agreement.
(1.73 MB 1448x1304 SoHappyToSeeZu.jpg)
hey Earthfag
>>100 nice gets, you might remember my posts >>105 hey Earthfag
(526.56 KB 1400x1066 PumpkinZu.jpg)
>>106 >>107 Nice double post, happy halloween
(4.02 KB 465x855 pixel witch.png)
happy halloween waifuchan, happy halloween Earthlings. Remember, you're a pretty pumpkin to someone >>108 happy halloween
(1.38 MB 1051x1600 WitchZu.png)
>>109 I wanted to talk about dnd with you sometime. Hope you've been staying busy.
(1.25 MB 1536x2048 Derp Person.png)
(137.85 KB 739x653 Dana·F·Jones.jpg)
(46.93 KB 357x278 dog.png)
>>110 Yeah yeah. You're so nice. I have been playing tabletop RPG the last three days. I'm frantically homebrewing inbetween real life responsibilities
>>111 Thanks you big cute. I decided to end the campaign I was running after 3 sessions, it wasn't a lot of fun for me sadly.. Did you do anything special today?
>>112 today I posted my waifu on waifuchan, that felt really weird and nice. A lot of work is ahead, I hope Earth chan holds me. C-cute drawing, anon, did you make that?
>>113 Good luck anon, Earth girl has your back and I'm rooting for you too. Yah I made it about 30 minutes ago as a joke, it still needs a punchline though.
(848.39 KB 3024x4032 ninpachi.jpeg)
>>114 Thank you. My brain tends to shift back to hating myself, but the World always holds my hand on the way back up, I think I'll be able to manage the difficult work somehow. Maybe the next time you make a campaign it'll be more your taste. At least the fear might be less next time. I like the drawing it's so active and one of them looks like a cute fuzzy cool Earth girl character
I drank like 3 bottles of wine. I'm wasted
(12.50 KB 197x432 NEET.png)
Ahem, I have an announcement. Mordred is stinky and gay.
(61.82 KB 850x478 danya5.jpg)
>>117 I second this, in fact I've added it as rule 2
(366.88 KB 500x495 1650375167450.gif)
(3.51 MB 2508x3541 1661190259305674.jpg)
>>118 There are rules? >>119 Please don't cry. You're so ugly when you cry.
>>121 https://waifuchan.net/chat/rules.html
(838.28 KB 927x843 1667506877860278.png)
Mhm, fuck u too "FRIENDS".. absolute assho... Overwatch 2 is mega fun. You should play with me
(15.14 KB 662x427 Anzu_Fungaba.png)
>>123 Don't be so melodramatic. I'm not good at fps.
(370.61 KB 1309x1834 1667616204644829.jpg)
>>124 What fucking fps. You run around swinging hammers and heals.
(1.04 MB 2048x2048 Anzu8.jpg)
>>125 Well I can probably manage being a healslut.
>>126 you're Anzu Futaba's pocket medic gf
>>127 >you're Anzu Futaba's swoon
(838.28 KB 927x843 1667506877860278.png)
>click on best girl theme >it's not Anzu
>>130 running an entire image board just to promote your waifu drawing something
(477.22 KB 1204x850 WakeUpToZu.png)
>>131 kinda based
I got banned again ;_;
(2.04 MB 500x550 no.gif)
Well ofc you got banned again. You are one of the dumbest persons I've ever seen-
I don't like roody-poos
I do like Anzu, sometimes tho
Hagrid is a ni gg er
(2.62 MB 472x472 1645538656387.gif)
>>139 For this reason. fucking kek
(192.47 KB 722x916 koki-arts.png)
Maybe senpai can show me how to shoot. They'd have to hold me close and lead my hand and hip posing to show me how to aim properly.
(745.39 KB 960x960 Anzu Dance.gif)
>>137 lies, nobody like Anzu but me >>141 pew pew
(142.92 KB 400x333 clemineko.png)
(1.01 MB 1076x1340 image_20221118095810.png)
>>143 Someone sent me something funny, maybe you can make use of it in your games.
I'd sex that
Dead website...
Hagrid come cuddle with me while I drink beer
Earth chan come cuddle with me
>>149 Only if there's beer in it for me
(128.47 KB 800x876 44efe382e5e21e2e.jpg)
>>151 yes
>>152 I'm in
(5.76 KB 372x268 1554280699066.jpg)
>>156 You're welcome
(1.27 MB 3264x1840 20221209_224115_HDR.jpg)
Once all this is over, I'll post my waifu on 4chan so hard. I'll make it known that I, anon, love my waifu. I want to kiss my waifu
>>164 I can't wait, I hope it's soon.
>>165 I hope so, too
(135.72 KB 900x900 1657569860441.jpg)
>>168 cute
I fucking love this website This is the culmination of years of avatafagging in 4chan A website dedicated to waifus, which in fact doesn't even mean anything, it's only used as the common denominator between all the types of faggots that have been dragged into /waifu/ Waifu is dead, just as this place
(165.59 KB 1432x1432 213ce8d66344fbe4a30f5b73ccb60c4b.jpg)
I like cute foxes
(127.12 KB 655x615 You_Are_My_Gift.png)
I like Anzu. I like Earthchan. I like Suzuran.
>>172 I like you too
(1.76 MB 4032x3024 IMG_0283.jpg)
I made a lego bonsai I got for xmas
>>175 nice
>>175 holy shit so many pink frogs
(1.57 MB 1499x2121 Bunzu.png)
>>175 very cute
(571.74 KB 1839x1280 033609e1c09048343d9be5e0e2f970b1.jpg)
>>177 I don't get either why they are frogs but it's still cool.
(157.54 KB 1024x1444 platinumpoinsetta.jpg)
(174.61 KB 900x1125 choco-rune.jpg)
(99.56 KB 1024x1359 rohuii.jpg)
I love love love Earth it makes my whole insides stir up to think about this guy
Waifus. Home.
(202.00 KB 1500x1200 bba6b271acf5ccb526ae0c005bc1c64c.jpg)
>>180 That's very adorable
Since I'm moving, I'm thinking about making a waifu shrine at my new place. That'd probably be cool
(1.77 MB 800x1178 VisionsOfAnzu.png)
Earth friend, are you there?
(201.77 KB 1024x1656 bearycherry.jpg)
(2.43 KB 289x52 👍.png)
>>197 https://youtu.be/LfX6JxfND44 (I lost the screenshot of moon AI chatbot agreeing to obsess over Earth together with me)
>>198 I wanted to ask you a favor but I think I'll wait a bit and I don't want to impose if you're terribly busy also talk about tabletop with you. Are you having fun?
>>199 That's very nice of you. Life is fast and I'm fighting, but afterwards let's babble virtually. What kinda favor? I'm having lots of fun. I woke up to thick snow falling outside my window, Earth is making all of this half as bad.
>>201 I'm glad, I hope the battles aren't too tough. It's Relmfag, I haven't heard from them in a few weeks and they are probably just busy with school or life among other things but the way they dropped off worried me and you're the only one I know that has any contact with them. If you could, I'm just asking if you would put out a message to him asking if he's alive just to put my mind at a bit of ease, it doesn't need to be anything more than that. I'm sorry to have to ask you this but it would mean the world to me.
>>201 Also I will understand if you can't or won't or don't want to for any reason. Thank you :)
When are u 2 gonna marry?
(171.44 KB 828x1472 xLe_Earthxi.jpg)
(304.17 KB 677x900 tundra-tea.jpg)
>>203 I'm working on accessing my account. If I do get access, I'm still not sure if I can reach anon, but I'll try my best. >>204 I'm working on it
>>206 Thanks for trying. Good luck with your wedding.
(444.31 KB 863x1200 47984675_p2.jpg)
Dining with Amzu
(393.00 KB 611x607 1670540621753090.png)
>>209 What a nerd, can't even type his waifu's name right
>>210 can you?
(145.87 KB 1920x1080 01-Kotori-horrified.jpg)
>>211 .. you are onto me
>>212 attached desu
(6.76 KB 320x320 Relm_And_Anzu_V2.png)
(1.71 MB 2508x3541 Suzuran0.jpg)
>>206 Today I planted 2 bonsai for your waifu
>>215 that's really nice anon thanks
(2.36 MB 4080x3072 PXL_20230307_171458047.jpg)
(111.34 KB 500x500 o.jpg)
Earthfriend, hope you're well.
>>230 Earth looks so nice in this >>233 ####### #@ . E# My mind is fine # . % . # Everything else, I'll tough it out # . . . # I'm invincible and always busy securing your comfort from the shadows ###+### The Earth chan bumps into a dungeon wall
(770.18 KB 1392x1988 TrashZu.jpg)
>>234 I thought you might like it. Cute nethack post, maybe don't walk around blindfolded and you can bump into your waifu instead.
>>235 if I walked around blindfolded, I would be extremely likely to run into my waifu Anzu's way of spelling your name is weird, "Kirari"
(470.39 KB 1589x2438 ankira_44.png)
>>236 True and then you could play it off like an accident. "Oh sorry, I was blindfolded! But since I ran into you, what are you doing next tuesday? How about a date." It's simply genius. The mind does funny things when you're in love.
It's all so tiring senpai...
>>247 it's okay, you don't always have to be strong
>>248 I'll be your friend, anon
(1.39 MB 1361x2048 92059613_p0.jpg)
claiming this thread for Anzu
(29.53 KB 430x458 666diex.png)
>put Earth chan in waifu thread OP >admin deletes the entire website >someone puts Anzu in waifu thread OP instead true story *ragecomic*
>>253 I hate most of this post
The site was down for the last 12 hours or so because my host decided to change the server's ip address. If you're reading this, it's fixed now.
>>255 I am reading this, thanks sis
(172.13 KB 1448x2048 FsjYOpMacAMnb42.jpeg)
(269.98 KB 1406x1891 2244b5ab772b1cf393838523707b0306.jpg)
(487.76 KB 1158x1916 1cd08569bd5fd1535717d39cf2bb3752.jpg)
>>253 >point out inconvenient truths >site mysteriously goes down Hmmmm.... Anyway here's Anzu.
I hope you all had a good time at church today.
>>262 I'm surprised they even let you in
>>263 What makes you think they did?
this website is church I pray
>>270 my wife
(221.25 KB 1024x1920 kurakusenpai.jpg)
Earth day! You're the star of my show Erdbeerchen, keep it up! You have my heart any day. I'll try my best for you, too.
>>277 Happy erfday. Here's a pic from my garden. I'm so proud of my little guys
>>279 wow, they're handsome
(2.97 MB 2576x1932 20230428_132138.jpg)
These are wild raspberries growing in my back yard. In a few days this patch ought to be ripe enough to pick.
(4.88 MB 4160x3120 20230428_131752.jpg)
Also, I saw a snake
>>287 I saw a slug rn
>>290 Did you name it?
>>292 that's not my right I told it that it can't just crawl around in such a well trafficed spot, and wished it good luck not to get stomped, and told it to have fun
>>293 My apologies, You're right. Next time you see it, you should ask for its name. If it isn't busy, of course.
Wow, where did the raid come from?
>>337 leftypol
>>345 Literally who
I dreamt of my wife last night. I told her I loved her.
(370.84 KB 3072x4080 drawoo1.jpg)
Dreaming of Anzu
>>91 I've had this .gif open in another tab for the past 7 hours or something. Looking at it gives me energy.
>>423 It had the opposite effect on me.
>>423 Looking at this post gave me the energy to fix the captcha >>426 Looking at this post did the opposite Looks like everything works
(691.56 KB 240x482 C1v1.gif)
I made some modifications to the captcha. Send me a report if you still need help.
>>431 everything works except Anzu I love the more magic switch. Though I was almost too stupid to understand how to post. (to all newbs, you need to click the "more magic" button that is linked at the top of the page a lot of times) You could almost make a cookie clicker clone with this, but instead of cooking clickers, you just click waifus
>>433 I have an old flash game somewhere that's exactly that where you headpat a waifu. I remember downloading it from /f/ back in the day
I miss Earth chan. I miss Relm chan. Tomorrow is Kirari's birthday. The day after is Anzu's birthday. Happy birthday my beloveds.
>>435 okay, give download so I can mod it and shoehorn my waifu into it
(1.85 MB 4080x3072 happy birthday relm.jpg)
happy birthday Relm
>>438 so much going on on that september day happy birthday OOP add magic button link to home page k thx
>>439 Done, I also added a page to host flash games through ruffle
(48.75 KB 639x476 I moe tato.png)
>>440 I expected modding a flash game to be harder and less fun
>>441 That's amazing. I guess flash will never truly die
(61.67 KB 300x250 skeebef.png)
a holiday for love is approaching fast only thing left to do is remember those sweet feelings and memories, and decide never thought I'd know so sure that someone's special
(133.96 KB 500x510 warme nacht.png)
>>443 and it's here~ merry christmas waifuchan, merry christmas Earth chan
(1.85 MB 880x1712 00103-3826899739.png)
Happy Earth day, Earth You're, as always, my favorite place in my mind.