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do you believe in magic?
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(178.15 KB 345x472 billy mays.png)
Anonymous 11/03/2022 (Thu) 15:37:40 No. 120
Would anyone want an @waifuchan.net email? Thinking of charging like $1 a month
>>120 I kind of like this idea boss
I would like one for my waiuf
>>145 setting up an email server for your waifu so she can have control over her emails your waifu affectionately thanking you for helping her with tech stuff
Unironically yes.
I forgot I was working on this. I installed some stuff to the server a few weeks ago, but it was configured wrong and the antivirus was eating up all the ram. Gotta try to remember to get back to this when I have a minute
eventually someone will spam enough to get your host or ip blocked
>>187 that is for sending but you can have an inbox for people to receive email
chadmin got rid of the bad stuff once again
>>220 My pc broke and I have to do everything from mobile now ;_;. I still try to check the site daily
>>222 nice trips that sounds awfully familiar, did that happen to you before?
>>223 I went completely off grid a couple years ago but I could at least still play minecraft then. Now I'm stuck playing minecraft in the yard
>>224 Maybe when I'm rich I should donate for the future of the website and your freetime videogame fun
(21.63 KB 233x255 1683565486451.png)
>Does anyone want a potential unstable email service that could be a honeypot
(210.67 KB 608x1080 by knn.jpg)
the russians posted this